Sunday, June 3, 2012

cold and rainy, clean and dirty

Hello, and a very happy and lazy Sunday to you!

This weekend has been COLD and RAINY. It feels like fall here. Yesterday I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt AND a sweater. Not amused.

This weekend has also reminded me that, when it comes to weight loss, weekends require some serious dedication. I haven't been great with sticking to my calories -- I'm not making bad choices overall, but I'm snacking too much and drinking too much.

Speaking of drinking, Friday was our one-year anniversary of being homeowners! We celebrated with a bottle of champagne (well, Prosecco, really.) This picture cracks me up:

Apparently it's really hard to open champagne! Haha. I especially like how Beezus is just sitting there, watching and judging. 

Cheers to being home-owners!

On Saturday, some of our neighbours here at the townhouse complex had a yardsale. We didn't have anything to sell but we wanted to help out. 

Some people who'd been renting one of the units in our complex moved out and told the yardsale organizers that they were leaving some stuff, and that we could go in and take anything that was sell-able for the yardsale. So Saturday morning, a bunch of us were up bright and early to start moving stuff into the courtyard for the sale. 

Well. We went into their apartment and seriously almost threw up. I've never seen a house like that outside of the show Hoarders. There was a layer of garbage and clothes and cat shit and food that was about three feet deep in some places. The smell was enough to knock you out. 

We grabbed a few items that looked semi-salvagable (a DVD player, a couple computer monitors, a bag of VHS tapes) and got the high hell out of there. 

I seriously felt traumatized after being in there. I can't believe this has existed just a few doors from us. There were four 20-something guys living in a 2 bedroom house, so I never expected it to be, you know, pristine, but this was just ... I get shivers still thinking about it. 

I know they were having legal problems with the landlord, so I wonder if partly this level of destruction was intentional. They all seemed like nice enough guys and it's hard to believe they could truly live in that level of filth. 

After the yardsale, Shaun and I came home and scoured our kitchen and living room. I just needed to be somewhere really CLEAN. 

I was going to show you some pictures of how bad it was, but I've decided I want to purge the whole thing from my memory. Instead let's look at something cute. 

How about my new oven mitts? 

Cute, right?! I got them at Dollarama! 

How about also this cute picture of Riley's butt? I love when he sleeps this way, with his legs sprawled out. We call it Frog Dog. 

That's all for now! I might take advantage of the cleanliness level of our living room to shoot a few photos in here today. We recently painted the room and some of the furniture, so I want to do some before-and-after shots.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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