Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 2 Weigh-in

Well, today was my second week weigh-in. I was a little, er, surprised by the results. 

Last week's weight: 220.4
This week's weight: 221.0
This week: +0.6
Total loss: 4.8 lbs

A gain! In week 2! When I have been diligently counting my calories and riding my bike and eating salads. Grrrrr. 

Obviously I wasn't very happy with that result, and spent the morning grumping about it. I actually even thought about lying and saying that I'd stayed the same this week. 

But I've come around and am feeling a bit more zen about it. Because I've realized this is the fundamental differences between when I've been successful losing weight and when I haven't. 

The difference is in the mindset. When I've been impatient -- when I thought of this as a journey with a destination I desperately I wanted to get to -- I haven't been successful. I give up too early. I get frustrated. 

When I've done well, it's because I've gotten over that attitude. I've put the destination largely out of my mind and just concentrated on plugging along, week after week. At the end of the day, a 0.6 gain is nothing. It doesn't mean it's going to take me longer to 'get there', because I'm not focused on 'getting there'. It's just one more week that I built good habits, enjoyed myself, and ate in a way that I hope to eat for the rest of my life. 

So I've already moved on. I won't lie and say I'm not hoping for a good loss next week though. I mean, I can only be so zen, really! :P 

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