Friday, June 29, 2012

Whole30 - Day 5

Party people! It's Friday night and I'm ... not drinking. Woe is me! Actually it's kind of embarrassing to admit this but I can't remember the last Friday that I didn't have a glass of wine or two (or more). When I started thinking about that I started to worry that maybe I have a problem?!? But I think it's more habit than addiction (although where you drawn the line between those two things, I don't know.)

Anyway, tonight I'm not missing it. I've had a couple glasses of Perrier (in a wine glass -- gotta have some class!) and that's good enough.

But let's rewind, shall we?

Since I had the day off today, I took my time getting out of bed, walking the dog, and then made myself a delicious plate of BACON AND EGGS!

Plus coffee with coconut milk! BUT I actually kinda screwed up a little. I knew bacon was allowed on the plan, as long as it was nitrate-free. So I dutifully searched around and bought nitrate free bacon. After eating it, I read through the ingredients again -- and realized it included cane sugar! 


I was a bit distressed but after poking around on the Whole9 Forums, I saw that the general consensus is that the amount of sugar in bacon won't RUIN your Whole30, but it's BETTER if you don't eat it. So I'm not considering it a true slip (you're supposed to start over if you cheat!), but I am packing up the bacon and throwing it in the freezer until the challenge is over. :) 

Anyway, the good thing about that breakfast was that I was full for HOURS. In fact, I didn't even get hungry for lunch. Instead I made a little snack plate around 3pm: some leftover pork, raw cashews, and a few dates with sunflower seed butter. 

Dinner was SUPPOSED to be a green chicken coconut curry but it was soooo hot here, I couldn't stand the thought of slaving over the stove OR of eating hot foods. So salad it was. 

This had leftover pork loin, spinach, cabbage, cashews, and avocado. I wanted a creamy dressing, so I used a bit of homemade mayo, some vegan pesto, garlic, and thinned it out with water a bit. It was good! Though it could have used a little 'kick'. 

After dinner I did something I have never even considered doing: I made CLARIFIED BUTTER. I know. 

Butter is not technically allowed on the plan, but clarified butter or ghee is. This is butter that's had the milk solids cooked out of it, leaving behind just a golden yellow oil-ish product. (It stays liquid at room temperature, which is where you're supposed to leave it. So you can 'pour' it like olive oil instead of having to melt it first.) 

Cold butter in the pan: 

Butter clarifying away (That's all milk solids coming to the surface):

And straining the clarified butter into a jar (with a coffee filter, because I'm cool like that): 

To be honest, this whole process was a bit ... gross. Even though it was good, organic, unsalted butter, there was just something about having THAT MUCH MELTED BUTTER in one place that was kind of freaking me out. It smelled a bit like the concession stand at the movie theatre. 

But I'm sure I'll change my tune when I can fry up my eggs in a little clarified butter tomorrow. Oh yeah. 

Anyway, that's it for me. It's Friday night and I'm sure everyone has better things to than read this blog post. :) 


  1. I'm glad things are going with for you with this new plan. :)

    About a year & a half ago, I felt the same way about wine/drinking. I was going through a really difficult time and work was super stressful... and I would come home and have a glass (or more) several times a week. I realized that I had gotten into the habit and was concerned that it would led to more. So I stopped and now only drink a few times a month/on special occasions.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Lynn! I think that's about where I'm at. What's really worrisome is when you start using it to deal with stress (as I was.) That's a slippery slope, I think. I'm hoping this challenge will help reset that habit for me.

  2. I actually bought a huge container of ghee awhile ago, used it exactly once, and now it's sitting in my cupboard... do you want it?

    Sugar IS like a ninja. So is oil, I'm finding...

    1. Hey, sure! That would be awesome. Unless you didn't use it because it was gross... :)

  3. All your pictures are gorgeous and I would freak out about all that butter too!