Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whole30 - Day 6

Hoooboy, I am SO tired tonight. Long day. Let's make this one kinda snappy.

I did up an egg scramble for breakfast -- three eggs cooked up with leeks, zucchini, and some smoked salmon. (The kind I buy doesn't have sugar, and comes in big chunks rather than the normal flat kind.)

This was really good. I also had coffee with coconut milk (of course!) 

This afternoon we went to a Blue Jays baseball game. It was really fun! Except we biked there (about 8km) and it nearly KILLED ME. It was so hot and I don't think my body is fully adapted the low-carb eating yet. The Whole30 plan actually recommends no strenuous exercise in the first week or two. I think between the lack of carbs, the heat, and feeling a bit dehydrated, I just felt wrecked. 

I was cranky when we first got to the game, but eventually I perked up. Lots of water helped. (It must have been magical water too -- it cost $5 for a 500ml bottle. EFF YOU ROGERS CENTRE.) Still it was fun. 

By the time the game was over, I was starving. Everyone else had had hotdogs (sob!) and beer (double sob!) and then afterwards we all went to DairyQueen for blizzards (wahhhhh!). I hung out at DairyQueen and then went to the market nearby and picked up a banana and a container of raw almonds and another (more reasonably priced) bottle of water. 

(No pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine it your heads.)

We biked home after that, and again ended up hot and exhausted. But I was also still hungry and knew I needed a good dinner. I ended up throwing together a pot of green curry: chicken thighs, onion, eggplant, and broccoli, simmered in coconut milk, curry paste, a splash of lime juice, and some cilantro. I served it over 'riced cauliflower'. It was actually SUPER good and took less than half an hour to make. 

(I was so hungry that I took a crappy picture though. I forgot to set the white balance! 

After all the biking today, I thought I deserved a little treat after dinner. Ontario strawberries drizzled in coconut butter, which hardened like a shell on the cold berries. Yum.  

Like my bowl? Appropriate, right? It says Strawberries: The most popular fruit in the world. I got it in Chinatown many years ago. 

That's it for tonight! My Kindle's charging, and I plan to put some aloe vera on my very sunburned arms, and call it a night.

See you tomorrow, friends!

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