Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whole30 - Day 10

Dayyyyyy 10! I'm 1/3 of the way there!!

Today at work I finally told a couple of people what I was doing, and I found myself saying that I didn't miss anything as much as I thought I would -- and I realized as I was saying it that it's totally true.  I honestly thought I would have more cravings than this, that I would struggle, that I'd be desperate for a glass of wine or a piece of bread or some chocolate.

But it's like a switch has been flipped in my brain. I'm SURE it's the sugar and grains. As soon as that's out of my system, I feel like a normal human being. All the compulsion goes away.

That's not to say that this challenge is EASY, so far. It's a lot of work -- shopping, prepping, cooking, etc. Making a meal of meat and vegetables isn't as easy as making toast or having a bowl of cereal. It's annoying to be using coconut milk in coffee, because it's not like Starbucks carries coconut milk. I do look forward to the end of the challenge, when I can ease my grip a little.

But it isn't hard, like I thought it would be.

Breakfast was the same apple / ground pork quiche from yesterday. Still not loving it. Still going to eat it.

Lunch was leftover green curry from yesterday. Finally all finished.

And when I got home after work, Shaun surprised me with beef kabobs cooked on the barbecue. YUM. With it we had raw yellow beans, and a few cashews.

And since it was so bleeding hot out today, I couldn't resist making some "banana soft-serve" for dessert. Just a frozen banana, a few frozen cherries, and a splash of coconut milk blended together in the food processor. Tasted heavenly, and totally hit the spot.

And now for something completely different...

In honour of today's amazing breakthrough physics news (and no, I don't even pretend to understand it but I still think it's SUPER COOL), here is my favourite astrophysics video. Yes, I have a favourite astrophysics video.

This a video is based on a response that Neil Tyson Degrasse gave, when he was asked what the most astounding fact about the universe was.

This gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Do you think Neil Tyson Degrasse does weddings??


  1. I love this: "Still not loving it. Still going to eat it."

    I need to get that way about meat!

    1. Hehe - for me it's mostly because i'm CHEAP and don't want the money I spent making that dang thing go to waste. :)

  2. I TOTALLY know what you mean about a switch being flipped. I get so scared of it getting flipped back...

    1. Me too! The ironic thing is that once that switch does get flipped back (cause you ate a piece of cake or something), it's almost like it flips so hard that you think it will be IMPOSSIBLE to unflip it again -- even though ALL it would take is another day or two without sugar. WHY ARE OUR BRAINS SO CRAZY???

  3. I agree that whole30 is not that hard. I am also on day 11...I am sticking to the same basic foods every day to make the meal prep easier.

    1. Way to go Susanna! I'm eating a lot of the same foods too. It might make the blog a little more boring, but it definitely makes cooking and shopping easier. :)