Friday, July 6, 2012

Whole30 - Day 12

Holy hell, it's hot out today!! I was almost sad not to be in my airconditioned office ... almost.

Instead I got to spend the day with Katie -- at her condo pool. OH YEAH.

Contrary to what I said yesterday, we did not in fact swim in our underwear. We wore ill-fitting bathing suits, like normal people. 

It was super fun hanging out with Katie, and glorious to be at a pool today. All I needed was a big glass of sangria. Sigh. Instead we snacked on fruits and nuts. 

Funnily enough, Katie and I both started new eating challenges on the same day -- but completely opposite plans. Mine is high-fat, high-protein, and hers is more like high-carb, low-fat (very plant based). Luckily neither of us are obnoxious about our food choices, so no fist fights erupted. We did discover that there was almost no food we could share though -- so fruit and nuts it was. :) 

After our snack we went for pedicures. My first of the summer -- shameful! 

(Katie's photo -- mine made my leg look SO HAIRY. Hahah!) Katie opted for blue polish, while I got a corally red. 

I had biked to Katie's (about 8km), so by the time I had biked home, I was STARVED. I had a craving for a tomato sandwich, so instead I just chopped up a huge tomato, stirred in a spoon of mayo, and wrapped it up in some lettuce leaves. They ended up super sloppy though, so I kind of just ate the tomatoes with a fork and then ate the lettuce later. Tasty, though. We also had (unpictured) steak on the BBQ. 

Overall, a very delicious and very fun day.  Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend? None here -- some cleaning and cooking and lying in front of the air conditioner. That's just how I roll. 


  1. Sounds like fun! I wish you guys had taken a picture together for the blogs. I've got to say I'm going with Katie's blue toenails for the win!

  2. Haha, for once my poor picture-taking abilities pay off!