Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whole30 - Day 16

Well, day 16 -- I'm certainly on the downhill part of this challenge!

Despite how sad yesterday was, I did manage to stay totally on track, despite the fact that the memorial was catered by Dan's restaurant AND had an open bar. Go me. I had some sparkling water and ate leftover stirfry after I got home. (Of course, that meant I didn't eat dinner until almost 10pm, but oh well.)

Honestly, going into yesterday, I had given myself permission to go off the plan if it was necessarily. I just didn't feel like a memorial was an appropriate place to be pushing my fussy (voluntary) food plan. I'm all for speaking up for yourself and your health and whatnot, but I mean, really. But luckily it just ended up not being an issue at all.

Today was pretty par for the course.

Breakfast was a piece of egg casserole -- this week I went back to the original version, with ground beef, sweet potato, and salsa. Delicious. (This is what I had for breakfast yesterday as well.)

For lunch I made tuna salad. I mixed two cans of tuna with a couple tablespoons of homemade mayo, and added in chopped green onions, green olives, and capers. I love this salad! I used about 1/3 of the salad on top of a bed of baby spinach, grated carrots, and chopped tomato. 

This morning before I left for work, I threw a whole chicken into the slowcooker. (This is always such a good idea. You get so much cooked meat, with practically zero effort!) I had to run a few errands after work (by which I mean: I went shopping!), so I was SO HAPPY to come home to cooked chicken. With it I had some coleslaw with Sunshine Sauce

(Sorry this picture looks so gross! Slow cooker chicken has a tendency to practically fall off the bone, which is tasty but not so photogenic!)

So, here are my thoughts after being half-way through the Whole30. 

  • Cravings are almost totally gone. Once in awhile I get them, but it's more of mental craving than physical. I see a cupcake and think, "Mmm, that would taste good." But I never get those feelings of "OMG I NEED SUGARRRRR NOWWWW." So that's great. 
  • Energy is really good. I feel really stable all day. I sleep very well at night, wake up with a decent amount of energy, and don't 'crash' during the day. GREAT! My physical energy for the first ten days or so was less -- for instance, biking took a LOT out of me -- but that seems to have evened out now. 

  • A few things that I had hoped would improve haven't really changed. For instance, I've had a stuffy nose for years, which I thought giving up dairy might help. So far nothing, but perhaps it takes more time. My, um, bathroom habits have also remained the same.

  • My skin is actually kinda crappy at the moment. I have a few spots, which is rare for me. 

That's about all I've noticed so far. According to this Whole30 timeline on the Whole9 site, the last two weeks should be better. Let's see. 


  1. Your food all looks and sounds tasty! Interesting to ready your thoughts half-way through. Sounds like it's been really good overall. I seem to remember during my brief flirtation with low carb that acne could be an issue. I also remember that I had this very uncomfortable feeling of having a lump in my throat all the time... I can't imagine what that was about and I hope to not have a repeat!

  2. Your food always sounds delicious and looks delicious - dittoing chezjulie - but it's true.