Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whole30 - Day 27

Day 27! Whoa. Can you believe I only have three days left?!?! I can't. This month has flown by.

Well, today I got up to an early start. I decided to get my run in early, before it got to hot. I got up while Shaun was still in bed, walked and fed the dog, and then headed out.

Oh, but first I snacked on this delicious Larabar.

Again, I found it really helped with my energy. Though I think I'll have to find a more economical snack. $2.29 for a single Larabar does not make me happy in the heart. Maybe just a banana with some almond butter? 

The run went very well. I decided to do another day of Week 1 -- mostly because I switched apps last time, so I decided to just start over and count that as my first workout. That way this app will have my complete log, instead of showing two missing workouts at the beginning. What can I say, I'm anal that way. :) 

You know what I'm not anal about, apparently? My crazy person hair. Seriously, who lets me leave the house like this? 

By the time I got home, I was super ready for breakfast. Oh, and COFFEE. I heated up some leftover pork shoulder, with two scrambled eggs, some salsa and avocado. AMAZING. 

I spent the afternoon cleaning and working on some writing stuff. Then Shaun barbecued us steaks for dinner. I cooked up some zucchini and mushroom on the side. Lots of sparkling water to drink. 

We finished watching Season 3 of The Mentalist tonight. Bradley Whitford WHAT? I'm sorry, but you will never be anyone but Josh Lyman to me, forever and always. 

On that note ... goodnight all!


  1. But your headband matches your top. That makes up for any amount of bad

  2. P.S. You can boxes of Larabars at Costco...or you can make them. They're very easy to make.