Monday, July 23, 2012

Whole30 - Day 28 & 29

Say hello to the second last day of my Whole30! I'm kinda shocked to be honest!

I didn't blog yesterday because something in my dinner did NOT agree with me. Look at this picture:

Looks innocent enough, right? Leftover roast chicken, some sauteed sweet potato, zucchini and mushrooms, with a dob of mayo and pesto? Well, something on this plate turned my stomach into a rolling, cramping mess. I laid down at around 6:30pm and just never got back up again. Hence no post last night. 

My stomach was still feeling pretty off this morning, so all I had were two scrambled eggs. Which I forgot to photograph. Picture it: two eggs. Scrambled. Okay. 

I STILL wasn't feeling so hot at lunch, so I ended up not having anything to eat. Bad, I know, but I wasn't in the mood to force it. 

When I got home tonight I still didn't have a huge appetite, so I just opened up one of those mini cans of tuna -- plain yellowfin packed in olive oil. I dumped it into a bowl and mixed in chopped tomato and avocado and a few capers, and called it dinner. 

Actually pretty tasty. On the side I had a bunch of teeny tiny baby carrots. 

My stomach's feeling a bit more normal now, so I decided to risk it and have a little bowl of raspberries in coconut milk. So far so good. 

They're calling for thunderstorms tonight, and I really hope we get some. The sky right now is a crazy greenish grey, and I've heard some thunder rumbling in the distance. You know how sometimes you just think "a downpour would be AWESOME right now?" Yeah, that. 


  1. Ugh! Glad you are feeling better. The berries and cream looks good. I want to try that now:)

  2. Oh, yuck.

    Glad you're feeling better. But what are these "scrambled eggs" you speak of. I must have a picture.

    1. Ahahaha! This comment totally made me laugh out. This is why I could never be a 'food blogger'. I mean, even I get sick of looking at pictures of the same foods every day.

  3. Sorry to hear you felt sick!

    I can't believe that you're almost done... I feel like it went by so quickly! (Probably because I've been really enjoying your posts.)