Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whole30 - Day 7

Well, I'm on day 7! A whole week down -- three more (and a bit) to go. As long as I can control my eating environment, I'll have no problem finishing -- I love what I'm eating and feel really satisfied and good. The problem is that there is almost NOTHING I can eat if I'm out somewhere, or have to go to dinner at someone else's house. It's making me want to be even more of a hermit than usual.

Once the 30 days are over, I do plan to introduce some foods back into my life. Dairy, I think, unless it turns out to bother me in a way I don't currently realize. I also won't be so fussy about small amounts of sugar or wheat, which means things like restaurant salad dressings and marinades will be easier to navigate.

Anyway, that's for 22 days from now. For today's eats...

For breakfast, I made the same egg scramble as yesterday: 3 eggs, zucchini, onion (had no leeks left), and smoked salmon. I loved it, again, but totally could not finish it. I left half on the plate (that's what's pictured above.) I can't tell you the last time in my LIFE that I left something on that plate. Well, I do occassionally leave things on my plate but it's either because a) I didn't like it or b) I'm so stuffed that I literally can't take another bite (in which case I normally wait five minutes and then finish it anyway!)

This morning was a true case of just eating until I was full. No more, no less. Halleluiah! 

I ended up having the rest of the eggs for lunch, with a clementine and a handful of raw almonds. That kept me sated for my extremely difficult afteroon ... which was spent here: 

Doing this: 

A very taxing afternoon indeed. :) 

For dinner Shaun cooked steak on the barbecue. My favourite! With it we had green beans and more cauliflower rice. I still have like half a container, but it's getting kind of dry. I'm going to have to eat it soon!

It's Canada Day here, so that means I have tomorrow off as well. Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend! And Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks. :) 


  1. Can you puree the cauliflower rice with some homemade broth or even almond milk and make a soup of it to save it from going bad?

    Love how you spent the afternoon!

    One of us needs to organize a summer GTG!! It's been far too long!!!

    1. Hmm, that's an idea. I also think I might be able to freeze some of it.

      I also concur about the GTG!! Has anyone heard from Kerry or Allie lately?

  2. Yay Andrea! I'm so happy you're blogging again. I really am interested in this Whole30 thing and am going to look into it for myself. Yay blogging!

    1. Thanks Sam!! It's so nice to 'see' you again!! Hope things are well with you. :)