Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Weekly Weigh-In] All The Small Things

Today was my second weigh-in at Weight Watchers, and I was down another 0.4 lbs! That may not seem like much, but after I lost 5.8 lbs last week, I knew this week was going to be teeny tiny – in fact, in the past I’ve occasionally even gained a small bit after such a big loss. So I’ll happily take my 0.4 today – that puts me at 6.2 lbs lost total, which is still a 3.1 lb average for the two weeks. Still awesome in my books – small losses over time add up to big losses in the end.

Today’s meeting was about Power Foods. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot since I joined. Power Foods are similar to the old “Core” plan, which is a version of the plan where you can eat (certain foods) without tracking. In the new “Simply Filling” version, you can even do this BY DAY, rather than committing to a whole week. So I’ve been thinking about trying to do one day a week of Simply Filling (maybe working my way up to more). You eat from a list of ‘approved foods’, without counting points for them. Anything you eat that’s not on the list (say you put brown sugar on your oatmeal), you simply deduct from your weekly allowance of ‘extra’ points.

I could see being pretty happy eating Simply Filling, since there are a LOT of things you can still eat. All fruits, vegetables, lean meats, even things like whole grain pasta and wild rice and non-fat lattes.

 I actually picked up the WW “Power Foods” cookbook today (since everything is on sale right now  I snagged this baby for a mere $10!)

HOWEVER, I thought it was going to more “Simply Filling” recipes, and it’s really not. All the recipes include at least one power food, but it doesn't really FOCUS on them, in my opinion. It doesn’t even provide point options if you’re following Simply Filling. Disappointing! Still, a lot of the recipes do look pretty good, so I’ll give it a chance. Just means I'll have to do a little more point-calculating on my own.

Do or have any of you ever done “Simply Filling”? Thoughts?


  1. I've tried it, never made it a whole week though! I'm too attached to nightly treats... perhaps this is part of why I am struggling now? I did love the flexibility of doing it on days I know I'll be able to control my food choices (like during the week at the office when I only have what I bring in my lunch!)

    1. I should clarify - for some reason, I hate to see my weeklies decrease because of treats at night. Something like a few squares of dark chocolate which would normally fit into my dailies. It's definitely a mental thing.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss for the week.

  3. Nice job on the weight loss!!