Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: Ready or not, here we go

Can you believe 2013 is already here? I can't. Honestly. It seems like this year, especially the last half of it, just FLEW by.

I was thinking back over the past year and I realized that 2012 was really an adjustment year for me. 2011 was a really big year -- I got a new job, Shaun and I got engaged, we bought a house, and we got a dog. That was A LOT for one year! So 2012 became about settling into those changes. Figuring stuff out. Learning where I wanted to go next.

I'm glad this year worked out how it did. I DID figure some stuff out. For one thing, I rekindled my love of fiction writing; although I've always considered myself a writer, I'd abandoned fiction quite awhile ago in favour of blogging (here and on previous blogs) plus speech writing and other more 'corporate writing'  (which is what I do for a living.) This year I started (and to be fair, abandoned) several novels, and I'm really learning to love the process of writing and creating again. I'm figuring out what works for me as a writer and I now have a couple projects that I think are going well and will be worth doing something with.

I also did the Whole30 this year, which was huge for me. It taught me a lot about my body and how certain foods affect me. Although I've kind of gone on and off it a fair bit, I really do believe that paleo / primal eating is the right path for me, and I'm going to keep pursuing that this year. Even if I never get totally right, I still think there's a lot there for me.

I have quite a few other goals for this year too.  I wouldn't call any of these resolutions, exactly -- more like a year-long to-do list. Essentially I'd like to be able to look back at this list next year and check off all the things I managed to accomplish. I know it won't be all of them, but that's okay. Better to aim high and get through some of them, right?

My focus is the same as it has been for awhile -- finally get my eating under control, and develop my writing. I still feel that paleo / primal eating is right for me -- I gave Weight Watchers an honest shot, but I no longer feel like it does enough for me. I still can't get over how I great I felt when I did my Whole30 last summer, so I'm going to try giving that another shot. I also want to continue with my goals to self-publish a novel (or several!) so I have lots of writing and publishing goals.

Anyway, without further ado, here's my (massive!) to-do list for this year.

Health + Fitness

- Complete a Whole30 challenge, beginning January 6
- Transition from Whole30 to a regular paleo/primal diet
- Learn to eat paleo in moderation; no crazy binging on sugar if I go 'off plan'.
- Start doing yoga again (aim for 3x per week for now)
- Walk more - (Good for me, plus our dog could use more walks anyway.)
- Bring my lunch to work more often (aim for 3x per week for now)
- Start biking to work again once the snow melts and it's warmer out (probably April.) Bike until about November.
- Get weight back down out of the 200s. (Blech. I hate even having to type that.)
- Try CrossFit (not committing to it -- just want to see what all the fuss is about!)
- Keep a paper journal of food and activity. Not for sharing, or for calorie counting, just to get real about what I'm eating.

Writing + Blogging

- Finish draft of current work in progress (WIP)
- Edit and polish current WIP
- Self-publish current WIP once it's in good shape
- Write second novel
- Blog here at least 1x per week
- Blog entire Whole30 process
- Set up a website under my 'author name'
- Make friends with other writers. Ideally local, but virtual is good too.
- Participate in and complete Nanowrimo again (November), as well as one session of Camp Nanowrimo (June or August)
- Write 500,000 words (I have no idea if this is a stretch goal or not -- I'm going to include fiction stuff, blog posts, speeches and other things I write for work, and any other 'products' I work on. Will not include emails or texts, brainstorming notes, to-do lists -- except in blog posts like this. etc.)

House + Home

- Keep the place tidier! Take out recycling regularly, keep the stairs swept, don't let laundry pile up, etc.
- Set up a chore schedule with Shaun (to help facilitate the above goal)
- Paint kitchen (finally!)
- Get blinds for kitchen
- Paint bedroom
- Get a new bed (okay, this is somewhat of a cheat, since we actually already bought a new bed on Boxing Day -- but it's being delivered on the 4th!)
- Get a bookcase for the bedroom (or wherever -- somewhere to store all the books on the floor of the bedroom!)
- Get laundry room organized and make it more functional
- Get storage closet organized and make it more functional
- Investigate tearing down the outer wall of the office and making it more 'open concept' (we want to do this but have to find out whether it's a load-bearing wall, and whether or not there's anything inside it that can't be moved (plumbing, etc.)
- Get art for living room
- Get upstairs hallway painted (can't do it ourselves because it has a two-story ceiling over a staircase. No way I'm attempting that myself.)
- Hang art in upstairs hallway
- Get art for bedroom

Miscellaneous + then some

- Read 65 books and log them on Goodreads
- Start bringing my Kindle to work so I can read on the commute instead of playing Bejeweled on my iPhone.
- Keep a wine log and experiment more with wine / food pairings
- Start a regular boardgame night with friends (already somewhat in the works!)
- Get more sheets and towels and rotate them regularly instead of always using the same sets
- Purge closets of stuff not being used (clothes, shoes, random stuff)
- Bring both cats in for a check-up. I used to do this every year but we missed it last year for some reason.
- Pay off student loans ($2813.60 to go!!)
- Add $3000 to my savings account
- Get a massage. (I've never actually had one before. I think this might be the year!)
- Have a 'date night' once a month (I mean, with Shaun. Not with random guys. Haha!)
- Find a boarding situation for Riley so that we can finally take a vacation.
- Take a vacation!! (We haven't left Toronto since 2009. That makes me want to cry. Even a couple days in Niagara or Montreal would suffice.)
- Set a wedding date and decide on a location. Yes, we've been engaged more than a year and a half and still haven't actually started thinking about the wedding. Half the time I already refer to Shaun as 'my husband', but it'd be nice to make it official.

And... that's that. I might add to this list as the year goes by, or maybe just do a monthly update to keep myself on track.

Happy new year everyone! Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. :)


  1. Hooray! Goals! What an awesome list. I love a good set of goals.

    You said something up there about "even if I never get it right" and I just wanted to say, keep in mind you don't get a grade. I think if you have learned a ton about yourself and your body through trial and error this year then it is ALL GOOD! Don't even sweat "getting it right." No one gets it right, life is messy and it's not black and white. Just because we know what is the super supreme state of being doesn't mean we need to pursue that every second, ya know? I think you are doing great! And I'm excited to watch along as you pursue all these great goals this year.

    1. Thanks Holly! That's definitely the attitude I'm trying to embrace this year. I like what you said about not getting a grade; I'm going to try to keep reminding myself of that!

  2. That's a hell of a lot of goals! Very ambitious. Just don't beat yourself up if you don't get to everything. I can see you're in the same "let's get healthy and organized" mindset I'm in right now. (I've just destroyed my closet my taking everything out of the bottom of it, and now need to psych myself up to put everything back in neatly. Yes, there was a trip to the Container Store).

    I agree with you that the high protein/low carb eating works best for me when I do it. The changes to the WW program just didn't work for me. I think maybe I am too insulin sensitive to gobble down fruit all day and still lose weight.

    1. January is the perfect time to get healthy and organized -- not only am I caught in resolution fever, I also tend to stay inside a lot in January, so might as well do some cleaning and cooking while I'm home being anti-social, right??

      As for WW -- yeah, I'm not a fan of the new program, although weirdly, it does encourage low(er) carb eating, so it should actually be MORE in line with how I prefer to eat. I think it's the fact that it lowers both carbs AND fat, maybe. Also, yes to the fruit thing you mentioned. I just find my sugar / carb cravings never really go away, the way they do when I'm eating more paleo-ish.

  3. OK, I am very excited that I've found your blog. My New Year's resolution is to keep reading it. ;)

    I've been doing what closely resembles a paleo diet (really it's just no starch or nightshade vegetables) for a few months now for medical reasons and I can always use more inspiration. You can be the wind beneath my wings.


    1. HiiiI! I'm glad you found me. :) I'm also excited to be the wind beneath someone's wings. Whoop whoop.