Hi! I’m Andrea and this is where I blog about all  the things that make life so delicious. For me that means food, love, books, pets, home, television and style, so you can expect to see all that (and probably more) on this here rather hodge-podge little blog.

More about me? 

I live in a townhouse in Toronto with my husband-to-be Shaun, our two cats, and an awesomely awesome rescue dog named Riley. I have dreams of buying a run-down old house on the ocean and fixing it up some day. I'm 32, a Virgo, an INFJ, and probably the most introverted person I know. By day I work as a speech writer, and in my spare time I'm writing a young adult novel about time travel. I have a lot of feeeeeelings and I wear my heart on my sleeve like it's a god damn badge of honour.

I prefer Goodreads and Pinterest over Facebook and Twitter. I like television better than movies. I have a sweet tooth AND a savour tooth. I drink champagne for no reason. I have a degree in journalism. I adore my Kindle. I wear red lipstick at least once a week.

You can contact me at milkshakable@gmail.com, or via any of the social media icons to the right over there.


  1. Hey, I really enjoy your site. Wondering you have an email that I contact you? I'm not spam :) I'd love to ask you about your sense of balance and love of books :) Just stuff :)
    Thanks for letting mme know.

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. You can reach me at milkshakable@gmail.com

      Your comment reminded that when I redesigned my blog, I forgot to put the "contact me" page back up! Oops! So thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. Bahhh I used to read you over at 'A cake for a wife" and you were one of my favourite blogs! I thought you had gone and then I checked your old blog and it guided me here. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOU AGAIN!! Hahahah, sorry if that sounds slightly creepy....